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Sound Quiz


Do you like quizzes, puzzles, trivia games? Do you think you'll know all the sound that you'll hear ? If so Sound Quiz is just for you! Find out just how much do you know !"Meow ... Meow....." is it an animal sound? is it a cat ?!Oh no not this ! It was very easy.
But how about this:"its a bird... its a plane.." have you heard this sound in you childhood? or in a movie? Yes its Superman!
Funny sounds, comic superhero sounds, animal sounds and much much more!
Of course some sounds maybe hard to guess but we give you FREE hints ! Just PLAY and WIN!If you can't remember some! Do not worry! The game has hints for you !
- Bomb Hint : Destroy one guessing Letter ! as a letter less is always helpful :)- Place it Hint : Place a correct Letter in the correct position!- Skip: Skip a level if you're stuck on it.
Much more Levels will be added soon !!
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